Park District in the Aarhus area

Park District

You will find some of Denmark's most popular theme parks in Djursland, just a little north of Aarhus. Djurs Summerland is action-packed and Randers Rainforest is... well, rain forest-packed.

You prefer polar bears and sharks to snakes and spiders? Well, then go on a safari in Ree Park, or visit the Kattegat Centre – and learn how to feed the beast.

If that’s a little too much bite, remember you can always bite back. Great food is just around the corner, in historical Ebeltoft. Surfing, mountain-biking, trekking, hiking? Park District has it in abundance.

Find out more about DjurslandRanders and Gudenåen ...

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The Aarhus area

Top experience in Park District

Djurs Summerland

Djurs Summerland

Find Djurs Sommerland, Denmark's most popular theme park in Djursland, just a little north of Aarhus.